So, i have been and still am very busy with university, rl-stuff and different projects. Oh, and Guild Wars 2, of course. The dyeworks has been growing constantly but there are still colors and pictures missing. And it definitely needs a better overview. Anyways, I wanted to show this neat GW2 town clothing to you!

It’s kind of a bandana, we found while exploring the Iron Marches (Eisensümpfe). There already were posts about it, but I think too many people haven’t seen it yet. I won’t go into detail and spoil the fun to find out where and how exactly you can get it. (Don’t worry, if you’re the lazy kind, you can still look it up elsewhere.) It’s named Iron’s Tailpipe Bandana (Stirnband der Eisernen Dröhnrohrs; kein Vertipper!).

Looks kinda nice! Definitely a good start but we need mooooaaaaar town clothing. Especially more we can earn by doing weird ingame stuff. Seriously!

Perfect hat to enjoy a hot day at the beach and soak up the sun!

Or how about wearing it at the next party at the beach bar?


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