Greetings from Lion’s Arch!


Recently, I was offered to go on an excursion to Lion’s Arch. I was awarded the contract to verify our ongoing establishment of asuran culture and commercial treaties with the inhabitants of Lion’s Arch and asked for a report focusing on improvement suggestions and potential opportunities for action.

Eager to fulfill my obligation, I completed the task way before the time my port back to Rata Sum was scheduled. Having enough leisure time to go for a tour around Lion’s Arch, I got myself one of the local specialities which seemed to mostly consist of crab, fish and some indeterminable paste. To my surprise, it was not that bad but left a slightly sour taste. Prepared for my tour, I decided to visit the market and crafting area first and continue to the western residental district.

Well, I love Rata Sum with all its sights and enthralling attractions, buzzing with the activity of our ingenious scientists and enterprising merchants. Lion’s Arch is a another matter altogether. The streets are full of people belonging to all the various known races. I even saw some skritt wandering around, talking about the sewers as if they were just some normal residents. Well, I guess they are. Everyone seems busy, even if just occupied with gossiping about the new neighbors and latest fashion.

Lion’s Arch itself looks like a bunch of ships crashed in an awful storm. Don’t get me wrong! Everything seems in place and fits perfectly into the scenery. You could even call it marvelous. Still I felt like I was running around on a huge ship, the maritime monstrosities lurking right around the next corner. No, I am not into swimming and oceans and everything associated. You wouldn’t be neither, if your heavy armor might drown you easily.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed exploring and discovering myriads of fascinating locations and astounding buildings. I managed to take a lot of remarkable shots, some of which you can inspect below.


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