My new magnet board!

All those notepads and diverse sheets of paper on my small desk have been getting on my nerves for ages. With keyboard, mouse, two screens and speakers there was hardly any space left. The last few weeks I was thinking about getting some kind of pin board to hang on the wall next to my desk. Most pin boards or magnet boards do look boring though and I just couldn’t find something more stylish. Two days ago an idea struck my mind! There was some old broken screen we had not yet taken to the junkyard…

And this is the result:

Blends in perfectly! Just love it!

Materials used:

  • Old broken lcd screen
  • duct tape
  • different screwdrivers
  • magnets (from old broken hard drives)
  • patience

How to:

  • get rid of the back cover
  • get rid of everything inside except the slim black and white panels
  • attach the panels to the front cover
  • pick some magnetic metal parts and tape them to the back of the panels
  • get some strong magnets

Some parts of the board aren’t magnetic due to the lack of adequate lightweight metal parts inside the screen. Maybe I’ll get some magnetic foil oder tape later. For now I’ll just enjoy the look of it.


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